Ideas that count
The amazing thing about brainstorming is how a tiny little spark in our heads produces 
un-foreseeable sketches. At the end of a creative session, we have many new product initiatives, like peel-able ice-cream' :) 
Take me home
Delicate taste, multi-flavours in a convenient pint-shape package! Wonderful new look for the new "Take Home" series. Truly "irresistible" for shoppers to grab and go. 
Milky chocolaty taste
A rage of chocolate ice cream Milo is well acccepted among families with energatic childrens. A new identity focused on sport figures and appetising shots.
Take a break with Kitkat
Matcha greentea in a cone format. Bite the fist bite and alreay can feel the well rounded of the mix-and-match taste. Kitkat bar plus chocolate sauce blending right in the middle!